Insights, Perceptions & Attitudes of Athletic Directors


Executive Overview

In the fourth quarter of 2021, ArbiterSports, with headquarters in Sandy, Utah, conducted research among Athletic Directors and their assistants and associates, to determine the perceptions, attitudes and insights into high school sports in general, and the wants, needs and concerns about the Athletic Director’s profession in particular.

One-on-one interviews were conducted with this stakeholder group that lasted between 30 and 45 minutes with follow-up interviews conducted with this same group as needed. This type of Voice-of-Customer Research focuses on critical insights expressed by Athletic Directors that become reoccurring themes in their responses. These re-occurring themes become the basis for the findings in this report.

The conclusions herein are the results of five (5) re-occurring themes that were expressed by Athletic Directors as their most prominent concerns and insights in the high school sports industry. This is not to say that other themes and insights were not expressed and voiced as concerns, on the contrary, there were many insights provided, but many were disparate, some weren’t re-occurring, while other themes had more than one mention or response, but not enough to be clear-cut and consequential.

For the most part, these One-on-One interviews were conducted in October 2021 with their codification taking place in November of 2021.

For the full research study view the link below.