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Pay Anyone From Anywhere

Pay all your 1099 workers in your school district or college with Arbiter Pay. Unlimited value, zero transaction fees, no hidden costs, and unlimited benefits. Think of us as the Venmo and Zelle for schools.

Schedule Sports & Events Real-Time

With Arbiter Scheduling, you can manage nearly every aspect of high school sports and events including officials, workers, games, venues, rosters, and logistics plus keep parents, leagues, and conferences informed.

Register Online For Just About Anything

With Arbiter Registration you can streamline registration throughout your association and school district while reducing data collection costs, eliminating costly paper processes while better managing official, parent and student communication and reducing school liabilities.

Manage Official Eligibility

Arbiter Eligibility helps you sleep better knowing officials assigned to events have passed all Eligibility requirements for your association including online registration, background checks, online & in-person training, testing and more.

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