ArbiterSports Achieves Historic Milestone

Company News

ArbiterSports has announced a historic milestone and achievement, surpassing $1 billion in payments processed and distributed to high school and college 1099 workers mostly to officials, referees and game-day workers. Payments to other personnel including facilities and maintenance workers, transportation teams, security and concession staff, sports videographers, tutors, and therapists are also part of the $1 billion in payments.

Through Arbiter Pay, high schools and universities are able to digitally pay a wide variety of 1099 workers without the traditional costs associated with writing checks including postage, reconciliation and cancellation. Arbiter also handles the issuance and management of all 1099s, as well as recordkeeping and reporting for each school and district.

Kyle Ford, President and CEO of ArbiterSports, expressed tremendous gratitude to the one million people who have utilized the company’s payment product, “We would have never been able to achieve this milestone of surpassing $1 billion in payments had it not been for the officials, referees, assigners, athletic directors, administrators and accounting personnel who have placed their trust in our payment software. We continue to enhance Arbiter Pay so that our digital payment product is the software of choice to the industry.”

Arbiter Pay has digitally and directly paid 1 million people in as quickly as 24 hours and often times in minutes. Through Arbiter’s suite of software products, including Arbiter Registration, Arbiter Scheduling and Arbiter Pay, over 65 million Americans, one in every five, have been impacted by Arbiter. The company forecasts that in the near future, and because of its strategic partnerships, that impact will grow to 100 million people.

Ford continued, “As our company closes in on the $2 billion milestone, our focus is to continually improve our payment products so we can satisfy the growing needs of the K12 and higher education audiences we serve. One example of this is a product line extension of Arbiter Pay which is called Arbiter Pay Unlimited. This offering allows our customers to pay as many 1099 workers as they want without transaction fees, hidden costs, or surcharges. As checks become obsolete, the digital payment industry is rapidly growing, evolving and searching for greater benefits and features. It is Arbiter’s focus to meet the demands of our current customers, but also new stakeholders and users as they enter the industry. Again, we are thankful to our customers who have adopted Arbiter Pay into their operations and look forward to serving them long into the future.”